To showcase the field level application of new / alternate technologies, MoHUA has taken an initiative to construct Demonstration Housing Project (DHP) through Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) as a part of Technology Sub-Mission under PMAY(U). The construction of Demonstration Housing Projects in different parts of the country aims to facilitate wide spread dissemination and adoption of new / alternate and sustainable building materials and technologies in preference to the conventional technologies and create enabling environment for the large scale replication of such materials & technologies in different geo-climatic region of the country, thus making housing more affordable and accessible. In addition to houses, onsite infrastructure facilities with other provisions are also included in the DHPs.


  1. To orient housing practitioners, both from public and private sectors, in field application of new/alternate technologies for construction of houses.
  2. To create awareness among stakeholders (State/UT/ULB officials, technical professionals, builders, development agencies, academic institutions and others) at the state/UT/ULB level on new/alternate technologies being adopted in respective DHPs.
  3. To gather user feedback and enhanced acceptability with respect to houses built with new/alternate technologies.
  4. Technical evaluation and documentation of the new/alternate technology adopted.
--> Bhubaneswar Lucknow Ayodhya Hyderabad Biharshariff Nellore Tiruppur Jammu Panchkula Agartala Dimapur Guwahati Ahmedabad Bhopal

Sl. No. DHP Location Technology Used Usage Number of Houses Status
1. Bhubaneswar,
PREFABRICATED SANDWICH PANEL SYSTEM - Reinforced Expanded Polystyrene sheet core with sprayed concrete as wall & slab PMAY(U) Beneficiaries 32 (G+3) Completed
2. Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh
STAY IN PLACE FORMWORK SYSTEM- Stay in place EPS based double walled panel system with infill concrete Rental basis to Hospital patients & their attendees 40 (G+1) Completed
3. Hyderabad,
• STAY IN PLACE FORMWORK SYSTEM - Structural Stay In Place Steel Formwork System - 16 Units
Training Hostel 32 (G+3) Completed
4. Biharshariff
STAY IN PLACE FORMWORK SYSTEM - Structural Stay In Place Steel Formwork System Sports Hostel & other social welfare activities 36 (G+2) Completed
5. Nellore
Andhra Prardesh
STAY IN PLACE FORMWORK SYSTEM - Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Panel (GFRG) Social welfare activities 36 (G+1) Completed
6. Panchkula
LIGHT GAUGE STEEL STRUCTURAL SYSTEM - Light Gauge Steel Framework System (LGSF) with Cement Fibre board on both side of walls and infill of rock wool Working women hostel (on rental basis) 40 (G+3) Completed
7. Agartala
West Tripura
STAY IN PLACE FORMWORK SYSTEM - Structural Stay In Place Steel Formwork System Shelter for Destitute Women 40 (G+1) Completed
8. Ahmedabad
PRECAST CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - Integrated Hybrid Solution-One PMAY (U) Beneficiaries 40 (G+3) In-Progress
9. Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh
One of the technology out of the 36 technologies Certified by BMTPC under PACS and 54 technologies recommended by Ministry of HUA under GTHC-India - Tender being floated Sports Hostel 40 (G+3) In-Progress
10. Guwahati
Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure with V-infill concrete wall To be given to Contractual Safai karamcharis of Guwahati Municipal Corporation 40 (G+3) In-Progress
11. Tiruppur
Tamil Nadu
Precast Concrete Construction System Working Women Hostel & Widow Home (Rental Basis) 40 (G+3) In-Progress
12. Ayodhya
Uttar Pradesh
Light Gauge Steel Frame structure with cement fiber board and mineral wool as in-fill Destitute Widow Ashram & Orphanage (Rental Basis) 40 (G+2) In-Progress
13. Jammu
EPS core panel using Quikbuild Panels as walling and EPS roof/slab Panel with concreting Sports Hostel 40 (G+2) In-Progress
14. Dimapur
Flyash EPS Cement Sandwich Panels with steel structure Working Women Hostel - rental basis 40 (G+2) In-Progress


  1. A Demonstration Housing Project, conceptually speaking, will mean a model housing project built with new/alternate technology that provides on-site orientation to practitioners in the housing sector with knowledge on the application and use of such technology. It will, simultaneously, provide end users the scope of residing in such houses so that acceptability of such houses is ascertained enabling scaling up the use of such technologies.

  2. Each DHP will contain up to 40 Houses with sustainable, cost and time effective emerging alternate housing construction technologies suitable to the geo-climatic and hazardous conditions of the region. Along with this, a community hall shall also be constructed to be used for technology dissemination purpose and community oriented activities.

  3. The minimum size of houses constructed under DHP will be in accordance with the prevailing guidelines of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban).

  4. Each State/UT will have normally one DHP and depends on the size of the State in respect of population, in special conditions; one more DHP may be sanctioned.

  5. Each DHP will include on site infrastructure development such as internal roads, pathways, common green area, boundary wall, underground water tank, external electrification. Use of non- renewable energy will be encouraged.

  6. Houses will be designed keeping in view the dimensional requirements laid down in National Building Code (NBC) 2016 with good aesthetics, proper ventilation and adequate storage space, etc.

  7. Disaster resistant features as per the requirements of existing NBC/BIS and applicable international standards pertaining to earthquake, cyclone and flood, will be incorporated.

  8. Cluster design may include innovative system of water supply, drainage and rain water harvesting, renewable energy sources with special focus on solar energy.

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