Since inception of GHTC-India in 2019 and IHTM, various other innovative construction technologies, materials and processes may have been developed through R & D by various stakeholders across the world which may also be included for further adoption and mainstreaming in the domestic context.

Further, there is tremendous scope and interest among Innovators, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, and Small & Medium Developers on use of Innovative and Alternate Construction Systems, Materials, Components and Processes for housing construction who may also be called on to showcase their products for cross learning and adoption.

Therefore, in order to widen the horizon and to bring technology transition in the construction sector for sustainable development, it is imperative to bring together all global and indigenous innovative technologies, materials and process shortlisted under GHTC-India as well as under IHTM and showcase them to the relevant stakeholders on a common platform.

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An exhibition on Innovative building materials, Construction Technologies & processes including Affordable Housing was set up where Global and Domestic exhibitors will showcase the prototype models on new and innovative construction technologies/materials. Technology providers from across the globe, domestic indigenous technologies, potential future technologies (start-ups) from the country exhibited their innovative construction technologies, materials and process.

Hon’ble Prime Minister visited the exhibition stalls of various construction technology providers and reviewed the innovative solutions for rapid, climate resilient, disaster resistant and sustainable solutions for affordable housing construction.

The conclave and exhibition provided stakeholders a venue to demonstrate their technologies as well as deliberate upon various options of technologies, materials and processes for large scale adoption and mainstreaming in different type of housing construction suited to different Geo-climatic regions of the country.



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Global Housing Technology Challenge-India (GHTC-India) intends to get the best globally available innovative construction technologies through a challenge process. It aims to demonstrate and deliver ready to live-in houses in minimum time and minimum cost with high-quality of construction in a sustainable manner... Click here to read more

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