Name: Shri Hardeep S. Puri
Designation: Hon’ble Minister
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23063495, 23061162, 23061166, 23062089 (Fax)
E-mail Address: minister-mohua[at]nic[dot]in


Name: Sh Kaushal Kishore
Designation: Hon’ble Minister of State
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23061999, 23062477 (Fax)


Name: Shri Manoj Joshi, IAS
Designation: Secretary (HUA)
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23062377, 23061459 (Fax)
E-mail Address: secyurban[at]nic[dot]in


Name: Shri Kuldip Narayan, IAS
Designation: Joint Secretary & Mission Director PMAY(U)
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23061419, 23061420 (Fax)
E-mail Address: jshfa-mhua[at]gov[dot]in


Name: Shri R K Gautam
Designation: Deputy Director General (HFA)
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23063266
E-mail Address: dirhfa5-mhupa[at]gov[dot]in, ghtc-mhua[at]gov[dot]in


Name: Shri A K Shrivastwa
Designation: Deputy Secretary (HFA-I)
Office Telephone Number: 011 - 23062279
E-mail Address: dirhfa1-mhupa[at]gov[dot]in

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Global Housing Technology Challenge-India (GHTC-India) intends to get the best globally available innovative construction technologies through a challenge process. It aims to demonstrate and deliver ready to live-in houses in minimum time and minimum cost with high-quality of construction in a sustainable manner... Click here to read more

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