TECHNOLOGY : Monolithic Concrete Construction using Tunnel Formwork


In ‘TunnelForm’ technology, concrete walls and slabs are cast in one go at site giving monolithic structure using high-precision, re-usable, room-sized, Steel forms or moulds called ‘TunnelForm’. An already established System for building construction in many countries, this system intends to replace the conventional RCC Beam-Column structure which uses steel/plywood shuttering. ‘TunnelForm’ system uses customised engineered steel formwork consisting of two half shells which are placed together and then concreting is done to form a room size module. Several such modules make an apartment.

Construction Process:
  • Stripping of the formwork from the previous day.
  • Positioning of the formwork for the current day’s phase, with the installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.
  • Installation of reinforcement in the walls and slabs.
  • Concreting

Special Features:
  • Facilitating rapid construction of multiple/ mass modular units (similar units).
  • Making structure durable with low maintenance requirement.
  • The precise finishing can be ensured with no plastering requirement.
  • The concrete can be designed to use industrial by-products such as Fly Ash, Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), Micro silica etc. resulting in improved workability & durability, while also conserving natural resource
  • Being Box type monolithic structure, it is safe against horizontal forces (earthquake, cyclone etc.)
  • The large number of modular units bring economy in construction.
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Contact Details
  • Name: Shri B. N. Patel
  • Designation: Project Specialist, Affordable Housing Mission
  • Contact No.: 9978407349
Rajkot Corporation Nodal Officer:
  • Name: Smt. Alpana Mitra
  • Designation: City Engineer, Rajkot Corporation
  • Contact No.: 9714503710

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