TECHNOLOGY : Light Gauge Steel Structural System & Pre-engineered Steel Structural System


An already established System for building construction in Japan, Australia & North America; Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) System uses factory made galvanized light gauge steel components. The components/sections are produced by cold forming method and assembled as panels at site forming structural steel framework upto G+3 building. LGSF is used in combination with pre-engineered steel structural system for buildings above G+3 for longevity, speedier construction, strength and resource efficiency.
Under this Light House Project, houses are being constructed using Light Gauge Steel Frame System (LGSF) with Pre-Engineered Steel Structural System.

Construction Process:

The sequence of construction comprises of foundation laying, fixing of Pre-Engineered Steel Structural System, fixing of tracks, fixing of wall panels with bracings as required, fixing of floor panels, decking sheet, fixing of electrical & plumbing services and finally fixing of concrete walling panels with light weight concrete as infill. The other options of dry walling components such as sandwich panels with insulation material in between can also be used. Similarly, the floors can either by composite slab/deck slabs/precast hollow core slabs as per the need & requirements.

Special Features:
  • High strength to weight ratio. Due to light weight, significant reduction in design earthquake forces is achieved. Making it safer compared to other structures.
  • Fully integrated computerised system with Centrally Numerical Control (CNC) machine primarily employed for manufacturing of LGSF sections provide very high Precision & accuracy.
  • Construction being very fast, a typical four storeyed building can be constructed within one month.
  • Structure being light, does not require heavy foundation
  • Structural element can be transported to any place including hilly areas to remote places easily making it suitable for far flung regions including difficult terrains.
  • Structure can be shifted from one location to other without wastage of materials.
  • Steel used can be recycled multiple times
  • The system is very useful for post disaster rehabilitation work.
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  • Name: Shri D. Chakraborty
  • Designation: Chief Engineer, Urban Development Department
  • Contact No.: 8837326330

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