0800 – 1000 hrs Registration
Inaugural Session
1000 – 1015 hrs Visit of Exhibition Area by Hon’ble Prime Minister
1017 – 1020 hrs Welcome by the Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
1020 – 1025 hrs Remarks on "Transforming India" by the Hon’ble Minister (I/C), Housing and Urban Affairs
1025 – 1030 hrs Video on GHTC- India, Release of Vulnerability Atlas of India and Mobile Application on GHTC-India.
1030 – 1100 hrs Inaugural Address by the Hon’ble Prime Minister
1100 – 1130 hrs Tea Break
1130 –1140 hrs 1) Regulatory Reforms & Opportunities in Indian Housing Sector (Presentation by Secretary, MoHUA)
1140 –1200 hrs 2) Panel Discussion

The real estate sector in India is exhibhiting a promising growth trajectory owing to the amiable institutional, regulatory and economic environment in the country. In order to promote affordable housing, the Government has granted infrastructure status to affordable housing which will enable these projects to avail the associated benefits such as lower borrowing rates, tax concessions and increased flow of foreign and private capital. Landmark Initiatives such as the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Online Building Permission (OBP) the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Land related reforms have also been introduced which are contributing to the increase in the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB). The larger goal is the ful?llment of the housing needs of the urban poor under the Mission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Urban (PMAY-U) of constructing about 10 million houses to achieve the goal of ‘Housing for All’.

  • Shiv Das Meena, Additional Secretary, MoHUA
  • Rajesh Talwar, Chairman, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO)
  • Mr. JAXAY SHAH President, CREDAI
  • Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, MoHUA (Moderator)
1200 –1230 hrs 3) Q & A Session
1230 - 1330 hrs
  1. Interactive Session: Between Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) and Proven Technology Providers

    Proven Demonstrable Technologies are invited from across the globe which are suitable for use in the Indian context through the Global Housing Technology Challenge – India (GHTC-India). Technologies that get empaneled will be considered for the implementation of six lighthouse projects located in six sites across the country thereby constructing over 6,000 houses in all. The Applicants (Proven Technology Demonstrable Providers) will initially be screened by a Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) during the Expo through presentations.

    • Mr. PRABHAKAR SINGH Director General, CPWD (Chair)
    • Dr. SHAILESH AGARWAL Executive Director BMTPC
    • Mr. RAJESH GOEL Chairman & MD Hindustan Prefab Ltd
    • Dr. AJAY CHOURASIA Director Nominee CBRI, Roorkee
    • Dr. P S N RAO Director, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi
    • Prof. MEHER PRASAD Professor IIT, Madras
    • Prof. C.V.R. MURTHY Professor Dept. of Civil Engineering IIT Madras

  2. Interactive Session: Between Expert Jury and Potential Technology Providers

    Potential Future Technologies in the affordable housing construction sector are invited from Indian startups, entrepreneurs and researchers through the Global Housing Technology Challenge – India (GHTC-India). They will be supported through incubation for technical handholding needs and acceleration to mainstream their product in the market through the Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators– India (ASHA-India) program. The Applicants (Potential Future Technology Providers) will be evaluated and shortlisted by an Expert Jury during the Expo through presentations.

    • Dr. KOSHY VARGHESE Professor, IIT Madras
    • Ms. NIRUPA SHANKAR, Executive Director, Brigade Enterprises Ltd
    • Ms. SANGEETA PRASAD, MD & CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developer Ltd
    • Dr. HAIMANTI BANERJI, Associate Professor, IIT Kharagpur
    • Mr. MADHAV PAI, ED-Sustainable Cities, WRI
    • Ms. JAYA DHINDHAW, Director- Urban Development, WRI
    • Dr. UMESH K SHARMA, Professor, IIT Roorkee
    • Dr. SUBRATA CHATTOPADHYAY, Professor, IIT Kharagpur
    • Dr. MAHUA MUKHERJEE, Associate Professor, IIT Kharagpur
    • Dr. RAVI SINHA Professor, IIT Bombay
    • Dr. SHAILESH AGARWAL, Executive Director, BMTPC

  3. Panel Discussion: Ensuring Livability and Desirability of Affordable Housing

  4. Innovative and alternative construction technologies are imperative for speedier, cost effective and greener affordable housing. Urban design, site planning and the architectural manifestation of the group housing projects also play a signifcant role in ensuring that the houses become homes and meet the livability and desirability requirements of residents. The panelists will deliberate on the following questions: Does high on design have to be high on cost? Can passive architecture techniques reduce the long-term energy expenditure of residents and make houses more livable? How can affordable houses incorporate the aspirations and functional needs of economically weaker sections, community and cultural preferences?

    • Mr. ABHAY BAKRE, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency
    • Mr. SANJAY SETH, Senior Director, TERI & CEO GRIHA Council
    • Mr. JACOB BRANDTBERG KNUDSEN, Head of KADK’s School of Architecture
    • Mr. Shiv Das Meena, Additional Secretary, MoHUA, Government of India
    • Dr. P S N RAO Director, School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi (Moderator)

1330 – 1430 hrs Lunch Break
1430 - 1600 hrs
  • A. Interactive Session: Between Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) and Proven Technology Providers
  • B. Interactive Session: Between Expert Jury and Potential Technology Providers ; Master Classes for start-ups

    Master Class-1 : Marketing Disruptions for Start-ups

    Startup founders are keen to Sustain and Scale. Marketing and Sales seem to be the two levers that most Founders believe need to be invested in heavily to scale. One has often heard the phrase ‘ If only I had the money to Invest in Marketing, I will be able to scale exponentially!’ The proverbial Chicken and Egg? Do you scale first and then raise money? Do you raise money and then scale?

         Mr. JOHN KURUVILLA, Chief Mentor, Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program
1430 - 1515 hrs
  • C. Panel Discussion: Skills and Human Resources required for Technology Transition

    The Indian Housing sector is emerging as a major employment generator in the country. The shift in the construction technology landscape from conventional construction systems to alternative and innovative technologies will open up a broad segment of up-skilling of human resources in the housing construction industry. How will the various stakeholders in the ambit of Skill Development address this challenge of skilling and upskilling by aligning to the industry requirements?

  • Mr. Dr. P.R. Swarup, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council(CIDC)
  • Mr.S KRISHNAN Principal Secretary, Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. M NAGARAJ Director- Corporate Planning, HUDCO
  • Dr. RAVI SINHA, Professor, IIT Bombay
  • Mr. O. P. AGARWAL CEO, WRI, India

1515 - 1600 hrs
  • D. Panel Discussion: Joining the Dots- Enabling an Eco-system for New Technologies in India- Opportunities and Challenges

  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U) has set the ground for large-scale construction of houses in a stipulated time-frame which has provided a thrust to transform the face of housing construction technologies, with the proliferation of innovative and alternative technologies in the housing market. However, awareness, acceptance, scalability and adoptions about these technologies remain limited. How can a revolutionary change be brought about in the construction technology eco-system to trigger adoption of these novel technologies, building materials and processes that are cost-effective, speedy, resource efficient and environmentally sustainable?

    • Mr. PRABHAKAR SINGH, Director General, (CPWD)
    • Dr. N GOPALKRISHNAN, Director, (CBRI)
    • Dr. A. Mehar Prasad, Professor,  Structural Engineering Division, IIT Madras
    • Mr. SPYROS G TSOUKANTAS, Head of Education, R&D, Katerra, Spain,
    • Dr. SHAILESH AGARWAL, Executive Director BMTPC (Moderator)
    • Amrit Abhijat, JS&MD (HFA) (Concluding Remarks)
1600 – 1630 hrs Tea Break

To ease housing deficit in the country, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India has embarked on the journey to provide housing for all by the year 2022 under its flagship mission - Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Urban. The scheme has so far achieved construction of 4.1 million with 1.6 million houses have been completed and handed over to the beneficiaries, 7.9 million houses have been sanctioned against a validated demand of 10 million houses. Out of these, more than 1.2 million homes under PMAY-U are being constructed using alternate and pragmatic technologies.

1630 – 1640 hrs 1. Journey of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Urban Mission & Overview of Light house Projects (Presentation by Joint Secretary & Mission Director - Housing for All)
1640 – 1710 hrs 2. Presentation: Features of the Proposed Sites for six Lighthouse Projects (Presentation by Principal Secretaries/ Mission Directors/ Representatives of Urban Development/ Housing Department of selected States/ UTs)

Shortlisted State Governments/UT’s have taken the lead towards actualising the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister by adopting new construction technologies in implementing affordable housing projects under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban. Six States were selected using pre-defined criteria that included willingness to provide land, financial support, necessary infrastructure and requisite approvals and clearances towards the actualization of Lighthouse Projects. These Lighthouse projects will serve as Live Laboratories for di?erent aspects of transfer of technologies in the sector including planning, design, production of components, construction and levering learnings to be adapted into curriculum

1710 – 1730 hrs 3. Exchange of Ideas & Feedback
0900 – 1000 hrs Registration

Advancements in technology have transformed the way businesses operate today with innovations displacing existing markets and networks. Just as UBER and OLA are synonymous with disruptions in transport, and AIR-BNB and OYO are with the hospitality industry, the construction sector too is poised for a disruption with innovative and alternative solutions being explored. What are the global trends in the construction industry? How will the buildings of the future be built? How will standards keep up with new innovations appearing every day? What will be the thrust towards sustainability in an era of increasing stress on natural resources from the construction sector? How will the urban infrastructure address the issue of increasing mobility? How will people adapt to newly built homes?

1000 – 1020 hrs 1. Keynote Address by CEO, NITI Aayog
1020 – 1030 hrs 2. Talk: Sustainable and Modular Affordable Housing Solutions by Scott B. Knox, Sr. Architect/Urban Designer, Creative Group
1030-1130 hrs 4. Panel Discussion PANELISTS
  • Scott Knox, Sr. Architect/ Urban Designer, Creative Group
  • Jayaram Panch, VP & MD Turner Projects
  • Dr. ANIRUDDH DASGUPTA, Global DIrector- Sustainable Cities, WRI
  • Prof. MICHEAL RILEY Professor, Liverpool John Moores University
  • H.E. Mr. ANDRE ARANHA CORREA DO LAGO Ambassador of Brazil to India
  • Prof. CHRISTOFER NELSON Chief Operating O?cer, Association of Science- Technology Centres
1130 – 1200 hrs Tea Break
1200 - 1330 hrs
  1. Interactive Session: Between Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) and Proven Technology Providers
  2. Interactive Session: Between Expert Jury and Potential Technology Providers; Master Classes for start-ups

    Master Class-2 : Certification, Standardisation requirements for new Construction Technologies

    Dr. SHAILESH AGARWAL, Executive Director , BMTPC
    Different building materials and construction technologies responsive to the varying geo-climatic conditions and vulnerability from natural hazards need to meet durability, strength and safety requirements. All material and techniques requires proper specification and code of practice to be evolved to build confidence among the designers, builders and users about the innovations in the construction sector. This Master Class will delve into challenges and pre-requisite for standardization and certification of new construction technologies.

  3. World Cafe: A session designed to facilitate interactions between stakeholders in government, global technology providers and Indian companies towards realising the construction of Lighthouse Projects.

    To facilitate a structured dialogue between a group of stakeholders consisting of government agencies at the State and Center, Global Technology Providers and Indian Companies, the World Café format is employed. The intent is to collectively brainstorm on enabling a paradigm shift in the use of new and innovative construction technologies in India through the implementation of Lighthouse Projects at six locations across the country. Opportunities and challenges will be discussed related to Partnership Formation, Policy Environment, Technology Transfer, and Implementation of Lighthouse projects. Recommendations will be discussed to inform the way forward on Lighthouse projects.
    Moderator- DR. ANIRUDDH DASGUPTA, Global DIrector, Sustainable Cities, WRI

1330 – 1430 hrs Lunch Break
1430 - 1600 hrs
  1. Interactive Session: Between Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) and Proven Technology Providers
  2. Interactive Session: Between Expert Jury and Potential Technology Providers; Master Classes for start-ups

    Master Class-3 : Sustainability Matrix for Construction Technology in Housing –International Tends and Approaches to Metrics by-Prof. MICHEAL RILEY, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom The growing awareness to build and occupy homes in a sustainable manner has led to a global agenda to develop and utilise de?ned bench-marking tools and tangible metrics to evaluate and assess the sustainability credentials of new and existing homes. This Master Class will delve into current global trends of sustainable construction of homes at scale and various benchmarking approaches currently applied internationally which can be applied to GHTC-India.

    Prof. MICHEAL RILEY, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom

  3. Panel Discussion: Innovation in Construction Equipment Manufacturing Sector to enable Sustainable Technology Transition

  4. Envisaging a technology transition from conventional construction systems to new and innovative systems will also require considerable investment in research and development of construction equipment. Fast paced construction, with a focus on reducing costs requires equipment to be up and running with low maintenance requirements, especially when equipment travels far away from service centres. What have been the technological advances in construction equipment? What advances are being made to optimise fuel efficiency? How easy is it to replace parts and diagnose and rectify errors?


    • Mr. ARVIND K GARG, Executive Vice President Larsen and Toubro
    • Mr. RUFUS LOGAN, Commercial Director BRE-India
    • Mr. SURESH PATIL, Head RMC Ultratech Cement Ltd
    • Mr. PRADEEP SHARMA, President ACE Ltd
    • Prof. CHRISTOFER NELSON, Chief Operating Officer Association of Science- Technology Centres (Moderator)
1600 – 1630 hrs Tea Break
1630 - 1715 hrs
  1. Presentation on Opportunities for Housing Construction from respective Ministries, Government of India

    Through the Global Housing Technology Challenge, innovative and alternative construction technologies will get empanelled and certi?ed for use in India. These technologies have the potential for widespread application in both the public and the private sector. Government Ministries engaged in large scale construction have the potential to absorb such new technologies resulting in its widespread uptake. Respective ministries will discuss the opportunities and incentives provided by them to promote the use of new construction technologies to enable convergence with the objectives of GHTC- India.


    • Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary,MoHUA
    • Arvind Nautiyal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC)
    • R.K. Gupta, Director, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
    • O.P. Agarwal, CEO, World Resource Institute, India

    • Moderator- MR. O. P. AGARWAL, CEO, WRI, India

  2. Q & A Session
1715 - 1730 hrs Concluding Remarks by (I/C)Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
- Roadmap ahead for GHTC- India

*Agenda is work in progress and subject to change.

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